Available Screening Options

I screen all new friends for both my own safety and that of yours. I offer three options for verification, and you may pick which option is best for you. If you do not have or are not willing to provide any of the below, I unfortunately cannot see you at this time and cannot make any exceptions.

If you are new to the “hobby”, then work verification would b the easiest. For your own discretion, I recommend signing up for a membership at or Once your membership is cleared with them, please contact me again to set up a meeting.

  • Provider Reference: Please provide me with the name, website, and email address of a provider you have seen in the past who is willing to give you a reference. I only accept references from independent providers who are established and reputable. I also accept references from select well-known agencies who are willing to provide them. If you have more than one reference, I would suggest listing several to expedite the process.
  • Online Verification: Service Date-Check, Preferred411, or TER Member with White List Entries. You only need proof of one of the following memberships:
  • Date-Check or Preferred411: Please send me your username
  • TER Whitelist: If you are a TER member and have white list entries, please send me your TER username AND send me a PM through TER under that handle. My handle is AlexandraMarie. Simply having a VIP TER membership is not sufficient for screening — you must have reviews and/or whitelists. Having one or more white list entries submitted by reputable providers will work for screening just like provider references do. Please see the below link for more information on the TER white list
  • Work Verification: Please send me the name of your company, the phone number and the website of the place you work. You can also send me an email directly form your work email. I use a discreet email address for that — please email me at and I will forward you that unpublished email address. I will discreetly verify your work information.

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