I can always be reached at my preferred email address:

Email is my preferred means of contact, that is until we know each other.

Emails are automatically deleted if they include indiscreet wording or lack an introduction. One liners will not receive responses.

I also have another, unpublished email I can give you once we have met and become friends.

My phone: 215-410-8020

This is my Philadelphia number and I can be found in Philadelphia most of the time, but always have access to this number wherever I am.

I can be reached 9 AM until midnight every day.

This a cell phone and although I occasionally pick right away, I cannot promise it. If we don’t know each other, please keep in mind that I will ask for your screening information and verify it before I can have an extended conversation. I will be much warmer on the phone once I know I know who I am speaking with.

New Friends: No texting unless you have already been screened. I’ll let you know when it’s okay to text me.

Old friends are welcome to text or call me any time. ;)


This is a mandatory part of the process. I provide three different options for the initial screening: Employment Verification, Companion References, or use of an Online Verification Service. The services I accept are Preferred 411 and Date-Check.

Click here for my screening information page.

Please keep in mind that if your initial screening information is not verifiable or in any way incomplete, I will ask for me. I do try to keep this as minimal as possible while still maintaining my safety and comfort level.

Any information attained during screening is destroyed once it’s been verified.

You can fill out my reservation form below.

It is not required that you fill out the form but I do ask for all of the information marked required in order to meet with you. You can choose to fill out the booking form or email me with all of the requested information.

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